Do important work.

Create meaningful impact.

Mentored Intern Training MIT program

for college students and recent graduates

Companies often treat interns as free labor for non-vital projects’ non-vital parts. We disagree.


We believe that there are many smart and determined college students who get overlooked. At AVL, we do not penalize what university you go to, a lack of work experience, or not having a connection at a company.

We value talented individuals’ ability to contribute, no matter their background or experience. We actively provide opportunities for students who have proven to be good at executing them.


If you’re intelligent, proactive, and hardworking, we want the opportunity to work with you.

Solve real challenges. 

Help real people.

Interns have the opportunity to own projects that directly and positively affect our business. 

Every intern receives mentorship and works on important technical challenges. Our internship is not intended to simulate working with us; you will be working as a respected peer. This means we expect you to perform as our full-time employees.

Project demo days, speaker series, team-building events, and community engagement are designed to give you as much experience and exposure as possible, as a real employee.

At AVL, you will:


Learn the practical skills employers want.

Do real startup work, create real production code. No wasted effort or “sample projects”.


  1. Gain real-world experience working with the latest technology, tools, and the most robust software development and product management processes.

  2. Learn how to make integrated business decisions, conduct meetings, and present effectively.

  3. Learn non-engineering skills like marketing, sales, and analytics techniques necessary to run a business. 


You will get complete ownership of your own critical projects. You will be assigned personal OKRs and KPIs on a weekly and monthly basis. 


Regular coaching feedback from Stanford and MIT alumni. Get real experiences to develop your future career direction. 


You will receive compensation based on OKR performance as bonus, scholarship, or stipend.


Pioneer Taiwan’s tech startup ecosystem on a fundamental level.

This is your opportunity to contribute to a Made In Taiwan company. You will be challenged. You are expected to execute excellent results. If you’re proactive, hardworking, and highly-skilled,

How long are your internships?

We offer flexible internship lengths at a 12-week minimum.

Who can apply?

We look for hardworking students who can contribute as software programmers.

Do you hire interns after graduation?

A major purpose of our internship program is to give you the opportunity to explore whether you’d like to work with us full-time post-graduation. We hire many former interns. We also hire many new graduates who did not intern with us.

Where is the internship?

We allow remote working, with regular in-person meetings and events.

When do you hire interns?

We offer year-round internships, though summer is the most popular. We hire on a rolling basis, offering flexible work hours.

How are interns placed on teams?

We look at your background and preferences, factor in team bandwidth, and then assign you a team that will be the best fit for everyone involved.