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We are an early-stage software start-up, founded by Stanford and MIT alumni, based in Taipei. We incubate, accelerate, and implement product ideas that our team create internally. We value talent, learning, and work-life balance.

Your Career Potential

​Junior Engineer

  • E1 - Junior Engineer I (36~60W)

  • E2 - Junior Engineer II (60~84W)

  • E3 - Junior Engineer III (84~108W)

Senior Engineer

  • E4 - Senior Engineer I (108~132W)

  • E5 - Senior Engineer II (132~156W)

  • E6 - Senior Engineer III (156~180W)

Lead Engineer

  • E7 - Lead Engineer I (180~204W)

  • E8 - Lead Engineer II (204~228W)

  • E9 - Lead Engineer III (228~264W)

  • E10 - CTO (264~312W)

Our Interview Process

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